Group UP!

After many months of planning, shooting and editing, Tiffany and I (Anthony) are proud to release our newest documentary, Group UP!

Group UP is two intertwining stories; one about two members of the cosplay group, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, and their bid to become the USA representatives for the World Cosplay Summit in Japan, and the other chronicles the cosplay team of Athel and Jadekat’s final photo shoot together, commemorating Jadekat’s planned departure to teach English in Japan.

So Here it is Group UP!

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Special Thanks:

I would like to thank a few people who really helped make this project happen.

First to Laura Buttler who was the World Cosplay Summit organizer for 2012. She allowed us access to shoot at restricted events.

Second to Chad Diederichs who was the press liaison for katsucon 2012. Chad offered us press badges allowing us to shoot this short documentary.

Group UP is almost Here!!!

Hey guys Group UP is almost here! We are putting the final touches on it and will release it between 11pm EST and 1am EST. So get excited!

Group Up Update

Hello all, I wanted to give you guys an update on the our latest documentary Group UP. We said we said in our trailer that we would have the video out in May. Unfortunately, we need to push the release date back to June 15th. Our plans for showing it at Otakon has not changed.

So, I feel I owe every body a small explanation. One of our interns for the for the company I work for, asked me back in April,  if her group could do a documentary for their class, about my love for anime. So, I agreed, thinking that the pitch would not be chosen… well I was wrong! So I’ve been doing a lot of interviews, all the while having to build a costume for animazement, a convention I had not intended on attending.

So, on  June 15th, Group Up will launch! In the mean time check out our awesome videos under the work section and get ready for mid June.

Come say hi to us at animazement! Tiffany and I will be there Saturday and Sunday both cosplaying as the lovely Hatsusne Miku. She will have a dreaded pony tails and I will look like a late 90’s skater miku with a headband.


Thank you Tekkoshocon

We at @ productions want to thank Tekkoshocon and all con-goer for allowing us to film you guys.

If we filmed you, and you got a card from us, I wanted to let you know that we plan to use the footage on our documentary, “Group up” which is about the amazing stuff that people can do when they have fun and work together. The story is told though the work of Chocolate Covered Cosplay and their showing at the world cosplay summit and the partnership between Athel and Jadekat to produce an amazing photo shoot.

So, check out our trailer! And get ready for Group Up in May 2012

If you have any questions about the material we shoot email us at

Group UP updates

Hey guys, So far since we posted the trailer last week, we’ve gotten a lot of good feed back! So, I wanted to let you guys in to the process of creating a Documentary. So, as the weeks go on we will post tidbits as to what we are doing in creating the documentary.

This weekend, Tiffany And I are are going to go the the process of watching allllllllll of the footage, and going though the interviews in an effort to define the main “train” of the story. We are going in to uncharted territories because this is the first thing either of have cut that will have two consecutive stories intertwined together.


Here is first trailer for our new documentary Group up. Group up is our third documentary about the anime and cosplay subculture. Group up tells the story of the cosplay group, Chocolate Covered Cosplay as an entrant of the World cosplay Summit and the story of the partnership between JadeKat and Athel cosplay.

New Documentary

I wanted to let everybody know that at-productions went to katsucon 2012 and shot some awesome footage, and we are putting together a short documentary about group cosplaying. we hope to get a trailer out this weekend! Here is the thing, this will be our first project using avid media composer, and it is a lot different then either final cut pro or adobe premiere, but we strongly believe the market is leaving FCP behind so we want to get on the Avid bandwagon.

Thank You to all!

Tiffany and I would like to thank everybody who we shot or interviewed! We are shooting to release a short documentary on cosplay groups by the middle of May. Otakon will be showing fan generated video work, so we hope to make their deadline.


At Productions is filming at Katsucon! See you there!