Group UP!

After many months of planning, shooting and editing, Tiffany and I (Anthony) are proud to release our newest documentary, Group UP!

Group UP is two intertwining stories; one about two members of the cosplay group, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, and their bid to become the USA representatives for the World Cosplay Summit in Japan, and the other chronicles the cosplay team of Athel and Jadekat’s final photo shoot together, commemorating Jadekat’s planned departure to teach English in Japan.

So Here it is Group UP!

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Special Thanks:

I would like to thank a few people who really helped make this project happen.

First to Laura Buttler who was the World Cosplay Summit organizer for 2012. She allowed us access to shoot at restricted events.

Second to Chad Diederichs who was the press liaison for katsucon 2012. Chad offered us press badges allowing us to shoot this short documentary.

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