Group Up Update

Hello all, I wanted to give you guys an update on the our latest documentary Group UP. We said we said in our trailer that we would have the video out in May. Unfortunately, we need to push the release date back to June 15th. Our plans for showing it at Otakon has not changed.

So, I feel I owe every body a small explanation. One of our interns for the for the company I work for, asked me back in April,  if her group could do a documentary for their class, about my love for anime. So, I agreed, thinking that the pitch would not be chosen… well I was wrong! So I’ve been doing a lot of interviews, all the while having to build a costume for animazement, a convention I had not intended on attending.

So, on  June 15th, Group Up will launch! In the mean time check out our awesome videos under the work section and get ready for mid June.

Come say hi to us at animazement! Tiffany and I will be there Saturday and Sunday both cosplaying as the lovely Hatsusne Miku. She will have a dreaded pony tails and I will look like a late 90’s skater miku with a headband.


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