Thank you Tekkoshocon

We at @ productions want to thank Tekkoshocon and all con-goer for allowing us to film you guys.

If we filmed you, and you got a card from us, I wanted to let you know that we plan to use the footage on our documentary, “Group up” which is about the amazing stuff that people can do when they have fun and work together. The story is told though the work of Chocolate Covered Cosplay and their showing at the world cosplay summit and the partnership between Athel and Jadekat to produce an amazing photo shoot.

So, check out our trailer! And get ready for Group Up in May 2012

If you have any questions about the material we shoot email us at

Group UP updates

Hey guys, So far since we posted the trailer last week, we’ve gotten a lot of good feed back! So, I wanted to let you guys in to the process of creating a Documentary. So, as the weeks go on we will post tidbits as to what we are doing in creating the documentary.

This weekend, Tiffany And I are are going to go the the process of watching allllllllll of the footage, and going though the interviews in an effort to define the main “train” of the story. We are going in to uncharted territories because this is the first thing either of have cut that will have two consecutive stories intertwined together.