In the Name of the Moon Kickstarter

Hey all! In the name of the Moon will be out at the end of the month!!! We’ve just launched our Kickstarter, so come on over and support In the Name of the Moon.

A documentary about cosplay, fandom, and friendship inspired by the beloved series Sailor Moon.

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Katsucon 2014: An Open Letter

We got back from Katsucon 2014 yesterday and we did a little bit of shooting at the con, so we prepared video for you all! It’s called, An Open Letter.

Thank you to all the cosplayers whom we shot over the katsucon weekend. Please share and enjoy!

Now back to editing In The Name Of the Moon.

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Katsucon 2014

Thank you to all whom we shot at Katsucon 2014! We are in the process of putting together a short video titled: An Open Letter. Till then, Check us out on facebook, also, take a look at our on-going sailor moon documentary, In the name of the moon, here!

Check Back Tomorrow for An Open letter.

Otakon 2013

Otakon was a blast this year, nice warm but pleasant weather, and tons of cosplayers! We want to share with you all our little video we put together for Otakon featuring the words of La Soldier Cosplay, the stars of the Sailor Moon Documentary, In the Name of the Moon. This video started out as a camera test for our new Blackmagic Cinema Camera, but it turned into much more. We hope you enjoy.

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Charles Dunbar Explains The History of Anime

We want to share with you all an except from our interview with cultural anthropologist Charles Dunbar of In this video we ask Charles, what is anime?

Animazement & A NEW TEASER!

Hi there! We’re on our way to  Animazement in Raleigh, NC this weekend! We’re excited to make out to this con again. Last year was our first time attending and we were really impressed with the venue, the artist’s alley, and the programming. Do frequent Animazement? What’s your favorite event? And if not, what are you plans for this Memorial Day weekend?

We’re also excited to unveil a 2nd Teaser for our upcoming Documentary In the Name of the Moon.  Check it out and be sure to friend us on Facebook for all the latest info about this and other video projects we have coming up!

Awesome Con 2013

Tiffany and I went to Awesome Con, in Washington DC, this past weekend, April 20-21. We had a blast. This was one of the best cons we’ve ever been to and the vibe was Awesome 😉 So, we put together a little video reflecting the awesomeness that is Awesome con

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In The Name of the Moon Teaser

A few months ago, Tokyo pop featured a sailor moon group photo of the Cosplay La Solider featuring all of the sailor senshi from the show. Tiffany and I are proud to announce our new documentary called “In the name of the moon” featuring the women of La Solider.

We wanted to make this announcement in style so we created a teaser.

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The Disappearance of Armstead Katsucon 2012

When we created Group Up we wanted to Include Courtney. We scheduled the interview and shot the whole thing, but it didn’t work out in the end. So we made a short video featuring Courtney. This video is about her going to Katsucon without her sister.

In the future we want to create a short video detailing some topic after each of the conventions we go to.